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Little monster’s party

Monsters all look different. Some have four legs and one eye, others have six feet and eight hands ! But underneath, they are all the same.

Within this party kit children are first required to make a monster with the « Stick the face on the monster game », where each monster will be totally different and very silly ! Then they are welcomed into the world of Little Monster, where they experience his first day at school, the difference between the other monsters and how this doesn’t matter when making friends. Plus, just as monsters look different they surely speak different ! So the children will also experience another language, Spanish, which is highlighted in two great games: the energetic ‘Spanish colour game’, and the final ‘number monsters hunt’ to find their candy boxes.

Guaranteed that all the children will leave with a monster crown, candy box, monster photo frame, several words in spanish and a smile !

Included in this party kit

  • Invitations « little monsters »
  • Candy boxes
  • Head, eyes and mouth for « Stick the face on the monster game »
  • A Crown and monster pictures to find for the front of the crown
  • Little Monster’s story and story pictures
  • 4 big pictures for « Spanish colour Game »
  • A message from little monster and pictures to hide for « The number monsters game »
  • Monster Birthday cake frieze
  • Monster Birthday cake decorations
  • Little monster photo frame
  • Cost : 30 euros

    Things needed

    • Glue
    • Sticky tape
    • Scissors
    • Thick printer paper (170g)
    • Sweets for the candy boxes
    • Drawing pins
    • A blindfold or scarf
    • Some music to play via CD or PC during « The spanish colour game »

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